Our system is summed up by the three main sections you see on the top of this site, your:

  • Strong Back
  • Strong Body
  • Strong Being

A strong back is the foundation for your physical well-being.

1. Back to Basics

One of the most common areas that causes physical pain for people is their back. The good news is that Forza’s got lots of classes and tools to help you build a strong core and back.

Strong Core = Happy Back

Your core supports your back so exercises that build a strong core will automatically ease back pain.

Our Aerial Yoga is a great way to build and maintain a strong, aligned back while engaging in a whole body experience that calms your mind and speaks to your soul. It’s a beautiful thing.

2. Toning & Strength

Regardless of your age or gender, it’s critical to include strength training in your routine!  And it’s actually more important as you get older.

Get Stronger with Age

Strengthening your muscles has various benefits, from losing excess fat to maintaining healthy bone mass and preventing muscle loss as you age. With good muscle tone, you’ll be better able to perform everyday activities like climbing stairs and getting out of a chair.

Let’s keep you healthy by maintaining your strength! Personal training sessions or classes can help with this. Why not try our new group training series called Hot & Healthy?

3. Stretching & Rehab

Stretching is Crucial

Did you know that stretching is just as important as your strength training? It brings these benefits, among many:

  • Reduces injury
  • Assists in correct posture
  • Increases flexibility
  • Decreases muscle soreness

And to put it in layman’s terms: it just makes you feel good! Stretching is crucial!

Come Back from Injuries

Have you gotten hurt or are you recovering from an injury? Our private sessions are designed to directly fit each client’s needs. Can’t make it to the gym? We’ll come to your living room!

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