“Move every day.

Make water your best friend.

Eat good food.”

— Lorelle Cicitta


Forza Fitness: Strength Matters

As you hear in my tagline, “Strength Matters,” I’m here to help you get strong, even tough, both mentally and physically, so you can take on your world with power.

Hi, I’m Lorelle Cicitta, owner and founder of Forza Fitness. Forza (“strength” in Italian) brings you quick and powerful fitness solutions. I’ve been told I’m all about guts and execution and keeping it simple.

Forza Fitness grew out of my love of athleticism. The studio has come to life the way many great things do. I simply followed my gut and wonderful things continue to unfold.

College Bodybuilding Roots

As a kid, I was naturally athletic and considered an exceptional softball player. I looked up to people like my baseball coach. I was always pretty tough, keeping up with “the boys.”

Playing high school softball and becoming a varsity athlete, I started serious weight training and continued to lift in college. Soon, I became interested in body building competitions. I signed up to compete in one and learned the nutritional aspects and all about how to work out for a competition. For instance, I only ate plain grilled chicken and broccoli (not recommended normally). A competitive body builder knows everything being put into their body for three or four months before an event.

This was all being done in my dorm room in college! One time I barbecued 5 or 10 pounds of chicken breasts because you can’t get that at a school cafeteria.

A nutritionist and a posing coach spurred me on. I was by far the youngest competitor and ended up doing well and placed.

Forza’s Start

One of the people running an event invited me to train at his system of gyms. His was a highly profitable training business in multiple locations and they taught me all about training services.

Working there while in college, I quickly became the lead salesperson. Then I was put in charge of a location, hiring and letting go and supervising other trainers. So this taught me about running my own fitness business.

Old School Meets New School

Being so young starting out, I had to learn fast. And I did. I was thrown into a world of business because it was my calling but it was also no joke that I had to learn quickly.

Soon, I ventured off on my own, training at different locations. Seven years later, this path has led to my current studio space where I’m excited to offer “old school” training, fast, effective, fun workout classes and “new school” training in the only aerial yoga studio in the area.

Aerial Yoga

While on a trip to Florida, I took a class in aerial yoga and instantly fell in love. I got in touch with the woman who taught the class and went back to get trained. I knew I had to bring this unique practice to my town.

Motivating You

One thing people notice is that I know how to make you ACT on your goals, which is why I get results. I’ll get you into those jeans you’re dying to wear. I’ll make you happy in the bathing suit you want this summer. I’ll do a pushup right next to your nose if you’re having a hard time. I love small group sessions for their intimacy and group connection.


I’m a Jersey girl, with an Accounting degree and a minor in Women’s Studies from Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey. I’m trained in aerial yoga by Yoga Alliance, who I’m working with to bring you our upcoming aerial yoga teacher training, starting this October. Check our aerial yoga site for info.

I’m Talkin’ to You, Jersey

At this point, I’ve helped countless women — especially busy New Jersey moms! — and men achieve their fitness goals. I help you integrate realistic goals into your actual daily life so you can maintain the beautiful results you’ve worked to achieve.

Personally, I’ve got this fantastic business I’m so proud to bring you: Forza Fitness. I’ve had to work hard and have given up some time when other people would be playing around. Was it worth it? You bet.

Hey, Jersey girls — I see you. Come experience fun, effective workouts with amazing results for yourself, here at Forza Fitness in our cute little beach town. I’ll help you look great at the beach while we’re at it. I’m here to make you the fittest you’ve ever been.

P.S. I like cheetah print. And bows.

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